Human vs. Machine Poetry

Machines are capable of almost any physical task, but are they capable of more creative roles?

Let's let you answer that for yourself. Below, I have listed two poems. One is written by man, and other is written by a robot- see if you can guess which one is written by which...


Quake with true fear of just reproach my shame
while her eyes came to me we sweetly sing
hand clasped in her breast her withered hands fling
yet by and claim loves boon nor let the tame
But this affliction sure thy heart inflame
he in silence come and assistance bring
then comes a small bright spark comes wandering
sorrows for him you gave that love once came.

Of doom lest any see the signal hear
that tremble through their incandescent nights
wave must dare if the while himself he cheers
what sudden bird will bring us any cheer
Fled to that audit by advised respects
a sequent day to your world of gain roars.


And what if from distress comes something fine,
And following this dress-rehearsal pain
Gives way to Joy, mistress of ardor, art,
And love, who sure this mess would straighten out?

For Joy has no illusions of a break;
She brooks many ill fusions of extremes,
And shares her light ‘till few suns could compete;
Her binding love makes twos ones and keeps peace.

So best not make a strumpet of this Joy,
Assert that she pays some debt with her smile,
Or name to her a numb set of stale sparks;
She never has succumbed yet, bless her heart.

Her love is full and indiscriminate
And even so you’ll find no sin in it.

... Have you made your guesses? 
1.) Robot
2.) Human

As we move into a new era, these lines between human creativity and emotion, and robot creativity and emotion, may very well become more and more blurred. Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more well, intelligent. We aren't quite sure where this will lead the world, or what affects it might have on society, and the world, as a whole. However, we continue, becoming more so reproductive sex organs for the machine world.  

Where do you stand on this? Where do you think we are heading, and should humans really be playing the role of God with this new, artificially intelligent species we call robots?